Steel structure workshop is primarily used for fabricating 2nd time steel structures of curtain walls, equipped with such equipment as 120 ton, 25 ton puncher, belt-type sawing machine, 16mm*2500mm steel plate cutting machine, 10mm*4000mm steel plate bending machine, gas-protection welding machine, one 9-head straight-strip cutter as well as drilling and milling machine, etc.; 
Sheet metal workshop primarily produces and processes products from aluminum panels, stainless steel plates. It is equipped with 6*4000 self-feeding digitally-controlled plate shear, Q12Y4100 digitally-controlled bending machine, 10mm*4000mm steel plates shear, ton puncher, argon arc welding machine, digitally-controlled automatic punch; 
   Curtain wall workshop primarily produces and processes external curtain walls (including frame-type, unit-type and irregular-shape curtain walls). In order to produce 400,000m2 glass curtain walls and aluminum alloy doors/windows annually, and to reach an output of 500-1000 million RMB, it is equipped with Italian “Emmegi” digitally-controlled aluminum two-head multi-angle cutter, Italian “Emmegi” digitally-controlled 3-axis/4-axis processing center, China-made digitally-controlled aluminum two-head multi-angle cutter, digitally-controlled large-size interfacing saw, digitally-controlled corner cutting saw, multi-head drill, square-shape mill, facing mill, angle machine, etc.; gluing procedures adopt 48m long chain-style transfer device and overhead-crane lifting device; cured area after glued reaches 7000m2; the whole curtain wall workshop is equipped with seven LD-type self-running cranes used for running various production materials, fabricated parts and 3D maintenance racks.


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